Outreach Summer Camps 2016

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The Arts Center has worked with GLEAMNS Human Resources for a number of years. We provide art classes for their summer outreach camps. This year was unique because the summer outreach camps had a different theme each week. Each week we provided a hands on art lesson that related to the theme. The outcome was most successful. Students were enthusiastic and engaged in the art lessons.  We feel the hands on experience rounded out the learning for students. 

We were very excited to have the GLEAMNS outreach visit The Arts Center for a very special ART FIELD TRIP. The students researched elements and principle of design at the beginning of the week. They answered questions “what is an artist?’.


TOTAL of children served:40

“I feel the ART program gave the students an alternative way to express themselves artistically and exposed them to culture.” 

Arriel Morton 


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                                         La Puerta de Esperanza

The Arts Center has worked with La Puerta De Esperanza in years past. This year was a new experience because we provided a week of “Art Camp” for the summer outreach. This was a wonderful community minded experience for all that were involved.

  Total of children served: 40




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                   CREST SUMMER CAMP: Macedonia Baptist Church

The CREST kids summer outreach program piloted an ALL DAY outreach camp. We provided several weeks of art class. The lessons included multi-media lesson. Students were challenged to think creatively and make connections to other disciplines such as math and science.

Total of children served: 70

“This past summer CREST Camp added an Art component (STEAM) to the summer curriculum through the Greenwood Art Council. To combine the arts with science and math to create well-round children who can think creatively and solve problems. Each week campers received art instruction Monday- Wednesday with Ms.Olivia Gay and Mr.Corey Benjamin. What a major and positive impact Art created for the children! Observing the children's abilities to engage the mind, enrich their senses, and use their artistic abilities, to bring masterpieces to life was amazing! Art allowed the children to express themselves freely by using their own imagination, creativity, and cooperative learning in a fun environment. The Greenwood Art Council provided an enriching experience that resulted in Art education coming alive to the children of CREST! “

 Kwadaesia Cummings- Site Director

CREST-Children reaching excellence though science and technology


                                          Bower’s Rodgers Home

The Arts Center hosted a TWO DAY art workshop with the children from Bower’s Rodgers home. We have worked with this organization for two consecutive summers. It was a painting and clay workshop. This was a highly successful workshop and we hope that it will pave the way for more outreach opportunities in the future.

              Total of children served:18


                                                Sunshine House

The Arts Center hosted a field trip for students attending sunshine house summer daycare. I was very excited to host my first of what I hope are many student field trips at our beautiful Arts Center.

Our gallery is a wonderful tool for art education!

Total of children served: 15


                                         YMCA: John Lamb Center

The Arts Center has partnered with the YMCA for two consecutive summers to work with them at their outreach location The John Lamb Center Housing Authority.

Total of children served: 40

“You guys coming in and doing what you did at the John Lamb Center…you gave the kids an experience that they would not have had otherwise. They would never have been able to have those experiences if the Arts Center had not been involved in our outreach program this summer. They continued to talk about the art lesson and the visit to the Arts Center well after the fact.

Every day they asked… when you were coming back to make more art.”

Sondi Cregow Youth Development Director: YMCA Greenwood SC



 St. Paul photo 1

                                   St. Paul photo 2

                       Cokesbury Community: St. Paul’s AME Church

The Arts Center and St. Paul AME partnership began in 2014. The Arts Center provided an outlet for created expression for the campers!


Total of children served:50