Audition Information


 Thank you for your interest in auditioning for a show at the Greenwood Community Theatre! GCT holds open auditions for anyone in the community who is interested. Auditions are typically held 6-8 weeks before the show opens. No experience is necessary to audition. The following is some basic information that will help you to succeed and feel like a pro at GCT!!

When auditioning, you should:

  • Come in relaxed and prepared to have fun!
  • Wear comfy clothing
  • If auditioning for a musical, you will be warmed up and taught a selection from the show. You are welcome to prepare a song 16-32 bars; however, it is not required.
  • You will read selections from the script chosen by the director.
  • ALWAYS CHECK THE CAST LIST which is posted on the front door of the theatre!!!
  • If you are cast, you must initial that you accept or decline your role next to your name on the cast list!
  • Info on FIRST REHEARSAL and READ-THROUGH will be posted on the list. It is imperative that you be present for this meeting to receive your script, rehearsal schedules, and pay your cast fee**.
  • **Cast fees are generally $50.00 and help GCT with costs of the production**


Upcoming Audition Dates and Times:

Next Auditions:

My Son Pinocchio

January 13th and 14th

6:00PM 1st - 6th Grade

7:30PM 7th - 12th Grades

Performance Dates:

April 4th - 7th 2019

Check back for more information soon!!